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Shiva Garshasbi & Ben Bayard — Minted

Shiva Garshasbi


Ben Bayard

Shiva Garshasbi and Ben Bayard

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Our Story

"He was a boy, she was a girl. Can I make it any more obvious?"
- Avril Lavigne

Ben was the boy that worked at the drive-thru coffee shop that Shiva's family frequented for years. After Shiva got her driver's license and started driving her sister and herself to school, she developed a caffeine habit just so she could see him in the mornings before school.
Countless concerts, football games, barbecues, and holiday parties together, Ben finally decided that it was time to stop avoiding the inevitable.
After 6 years of friendship, Ben asked Shiva to give him a real chance and the rest was history.

They moved in together, traveled the world together, got two dogs together, and in February of 2020 they decided to take the next step together. Ben proposed in Hawaii and with an enthusiastic (and breathless) "yes" the newly engaged couple came back home on cloud nine, ready to plan a wedding for the next year. But 2020 had other plans. With a global pandemic and everything shut down there wasn't much to do while confined to the inside of their apartment. So the couple bonded even more than they thought possible. Their love and appreciation for each grew even more (is that even possible?) as they waited and waited and waited for the world to come back to some sort of normalcy.

We're finally here! Shiva & Ben moved out of their apartment, bought their first home together in February of 2021, and finally decided it was time to get this wedding in motion. Their pups Kylo and Toby are so happy to see their pawrents finally tie the knot.